WWW Movie Review: How is ‘WWW’ ..?

Title: WWW (Who, Where, Why)
Cast: Adit Arun, Shivani Rajasekhar, Priyadarshi, Divya, Sandeep, Riaz Khan, Satyam Rajesh Viva Harsha, etc.
Summary: Suresh Productions
Production Company: Ramantra Creations
Producer: Dr. Ravi Prasad Raju Datla
Directed by: KV Guhan
Music: Simon K. King
Editing: Tammiraju
Release Date: December 24, 2021 (Sony Live)

Directed by renowned cinematographer KV Guhan, the film will be directed by Suresh Productions. Ravi Prasad Raju Datla’s thriller movie ‘WWW’ (Who, Where, Why). Created as a first-time computer screen-based movie, the film was released on December 24 on SonyLive. The movie has created a good buzz with the release of the teaser, trailer and songs that have already been released. Becoming the first computer screen based movie in Telugu, d. Top producers like Suresh Babu and Dilraju supported the film and it created huge expectations for the film. Let’s see in the review how this movie came into OTT amid huge expectations.

Kathentante ..?

Vishwa (Adit Arun), Ashraf (Priyadarshi), Sada Satyam Rajesh), Chishtri (Divya Sripada) are four software techies who are good friends. They all live in different cities and have fun talking virtually on the computer. Mitra (Shivani Rajasekhar) is a good friend of Chishtri. Mitra comes into the apartment where she is staying. Allied to the universe through Chishtri. With this, the two become friends. The foremost turns into love. However there seems to be a complete lock down overnight due to the corona. With that, Mitra gets locked there. During this sequence a man (Sandeep, Killing Veerappan Fame) breaks into the flat and indiscriminately stabs Chishtri and injures her. He also tortures Mitra to kill her badly. Seeing this as virtual, Vishwa becomes frustrated and in a state of helplessness. He also threatens to kill Mitra badly. She tells him to leave his friend if you want to kill him. Who is the real person? Why did he hang the universe and die? Whether Vishwa Mitra saves Chishtri from that person or not is another movie story.

Who did it …?

The characters in this movie are very few. They also do not meet directly. Everything is met through webcams. Adit Arun impresses with his performance as Illegal Hacker Head Vishwa. Immersed in the role of a sincere lover, especially one who does not know how to save his dying girlfriend. . This is another film starring Shivani Rajasekhar after ‘Adbhutam’. Her role in this film does not have much scope but .. as long as she acted well. Looked so cute on screen. Priyadarshi, Divya and Satyam Rajesh adapted their roles. Killing Veerappan fame Sandeep also scared the audience for a while .. He introduced the original sizzle thrill. Viva did full justice to Harsha’s character. Riaz Khan appeared as a cyber crime police officer and impressed.

How is that ..?

The most talked about medium is cyber attack. Unbeknownst to us, hackers are stealing our data and selling it to others. A lot of people are losing out because of it. Director KV directed the movie ‘WWW’ based on the same concept. Guhan. He gave a good message to let everyone know how computer techies in the contemporary world are abusing their talent and becoming accustomed to a luxurious life .. becoming a culprit in society. Formed as a first-time computer-screen-based movie, the film runs on two computer screens and is super thrilling. Coming up with a story idea director like this is something to really appreciate.

However, the director was a little hesitant to show the selected point on the screen. Vishwa, Christy, Ashraf, the director who started the story with what Sadal would do .. then stretched the scenes with the love story of Vishwa-Mitra. It took a long time to get to the actual point. An assailant, Chishtri, arrives at the apartment where his friends are staying. Attacking Chishtri with a sword increases his interest in the film. Who is that intruder? Curiosity is aroused in the audience as to his relationship with the universe. However, the reason given by the director is very poor. That’s all the narrator tells the background in plain words. If the flashback of the intruder was shown as strongly as possible .. the result of the film would have been different. For those who love thriller movies, this movie is Full Meals.

And when it comes to technology .. Simon K. King music is good. Although the songs are limited .. the background music is very good. He enlivened some scenes with his own BGM. Guhan cinematography has been a great plus for the film. In some scenes the visuals are goosebumps. Tammiraju editing‌ never mind. The production values ​​of Ramantra Creations are in line with the cinematic level. Overall I don’t know what the ‘WWW’ result will be but the effort is good.

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