Shyam Singha Roy Review: How ‘Shyam Singha Roy’ is

Title: Shyam Singarai
Cast: Nani, Sai Pallavi, Kriti Shetty, Madonna Sebastian, Rahul Ravindra, Jissu Sen Gupta, Abhinav Gautam, Murali Sharma etc.
Production Company: Nebula Entertainments
Producer: Venkat Boyanapalli
Written by: Janga Satyadev
Directed by: Rahul Sankrityan
Music: Mickey Jay Meyer‌
Cinematography: Sanu John Varghese
Editor: Naveen Nooli
Release Date: December 24,2021

Ignoring the movie results .. Natural star Nani is trying new genres. But for the last two years, I have not had a proper hit. The recent release of ‘Tak Jagdish’ was also not as successful as expected. Almost two years later, he came to the theaters as ‘Shyam Singarai’ with the intention of hitting the mark this time. Already released teaser, positive response to the songs .. In addition to the movie promotions, the hype was created on ‘Shyam Singarai’. Let’s take a look at the review of the movie which was released on Friday (December 24) amid huge expectations.

‘Shyam Singarai’ is the narrator

For Vasu alias Vasudev (Nani), movies mean madness. Ever dreamed of becoming a big director. He decides to make a short film before fulfilling his goal. He persuades Kirti (Kritishetti) to act in it. Like the short film he made as expected, the producer liked it … immediately gave the film an offer .. Vasu’s stage changes as it also hits a super hit. Chance gets the chance to remake his first film in Hindi. A production company signs a new film deal with him and holds a press conference. At the same time, Vasu was arrested under a copyright case. Vasuki learns about Shyam Singarai and Devdasi Maitri (Sai ​​Pallavi) in order to face this case. Who is the real Shyam Singarai? What is the relationship between Vasuki and Shyam Singarai? Who filed the copyright case against Vasu and why? Where did the love affair between Maitri and Shyam Singarai lead? How did Vasu get out of these legal problems? That’s the rest of the story.

Who did it?

As always Nani transcended her role. He played the role of Vasu, the upcoming director, as well as the revolutionary writer Shyam Singarai. Avali played two different roles in the same film. Especially Shyam Singarai who acted wonderfully in a weighty role .. Once again he looked like a natural star. Saipallavidi is the next most mature character after Nani in this film. Sai Pallavi lives on in the role of Devdasi Maitri alias Roji. Appeared on the screen in the newest look. As mentioned in the movie promotions .. Sai Pallavi does not appear on the screen .. only Devdasi Maitri is visible to the audience. Sai Pallavi’s difficulty for this movie will be seen on screen. Vasu’s girlfriend impresses Krithishetti in the role of Kirti. The romantic scene between Nani and Krishtishetti is well done. Madonna Sebastian did not seem to care as a lawyer Padmavati. The rest of the cast acted within the scope of their roles.

How is that ..?

Shyam Singarai is a period action drama. Director Rahul Sankrityan has tied the 1969 backdrop story to today and screened it well. Fastoff is a director who has shaped the characters to make them fun in a nanny style. He showed the original story in the second half. According to the title justification, the movie ‘Shyam Singarai’ starts from the second half. The entire story of the film revolves around ‘Shyam Singarai’. Shyam Singarai’s struggle as a revolutionary writer .. Love with Devadasi alliance, wonderfully exposed the flaws in the Devadasi system The story written by Janga Satyadev is shown nicely on the screen rather than somewhere devious. What is the personality of Shyam Singarai with the single dialogue ‘One bullet alone … one letter moves millions’? Ento informed the audience of his goal.

However, the lack of big twists in the story, the story is a minus for the audience’s imagination. In dual role movies, it is common to show the original story in the second half. The movie goes on as well. Do not show the character of Shyam Singarai till the interval .. The whole story revolves around Vasu and Kirti. The hardships he goes through as a director .. Love with fame .. He ended Faustoff in such a straightforward manner. The second half will be entirely about Shyam Singarai. The screenplay is also endless. But since we feel like we need to know about Shyam Singaray from the beginning of the movie … the screenplay doesn’t seem to bother much. The climax is also simple.

And technically .. Mickey Jay Meyer’s music is good. Sirivennela’s song ‘Nelarajuni ల Ila Rani Kalipindi Kada Sirivennela’ reminds Sirivennela once again. Although the rest of the songs are only a few .. the background music is gone. The cinematography by Sanu John Varghese is excellent. Art department work is also a highlight. Naveen yarn editing is okay. The production values ​​are commensurate with the level of the film.

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