Nallamala Movie Review: How is the ‘Nallamala’ movie ..

Cast: Amit Tiwari, Bhanushree, Nazar, Tanikella Bharani, Ajay Ghosh, Kalakeya Prabhakar, Mukku Avinash etc.
Production Company: Namo Creations
Producer: R.M.
Directed by: Ravi Charan
Music: P.R.
Cinematography: Venu Murali
Editor: Shiva Sarvani
Release Date: March 18,2022

Amit Tiwari, who acted as a villain in many movies, became a hero with ‘Nallamala’. Bhanushree of Bigg Boss 2 fame played the heroine in this. Everyone knows how super hit the song ‘Emunnave .. Pilla’ released from this movie has become. That one song .. created hype for ‘Nallamala’. Let’s take a look at the review of ‘Nallamala’ movie which came out to the audience this Friday (March 18) amidst moderate expectations.

‘Nallamala’ is the story ..

Nallamala (Amit Tiwari), a tribal youth, has a passion for nature and animals. Nallamalla lives in a hut in the jungle and helps the people there. I like cows very much for the blackheads that look like moratodula. Also Vanamali (Bhanushree) who lives in his godown means life to him. Nallamala, which is considered to be the land of nature and animals, is aware of the illegal trade in the forest. With this he turns against those who are doing illegal trade. And what is the illegal trade taking place in the Nallamala forest area? Why is it doing that? You have to watch the movie to know why the tribal Nallamala opposed it.

How is that ..?

Director Ravi Charan shot the film with the concept that a cow can not survive if it is not protected like a mother. The story of Nallamala movie starts with an emotional note as the tribesmen chase the scientist (Nazar). The story then becomes interesting with an interesting topic of what topics the school children should include in the textbook. And the flashback that the former Naxalite (Chatrapati Shekhar) says will increase the interest in the film. The director’s approach to the emotional point of revolving around a cow is great. Usually every director chooses a safe love story for his debut movie. But Ravi Charan chooses a good message story on the first try. Congratulations to him on this. Instead of being a debut director, he directed the film as an experienced director. But in Fastoff, the story is a bit slow. The lack of clarity on the original story till the second half is a bit of a minus for the film. The real thing will be revealed in the pre-climax. It would have been nice if it had been designed better.

Who did it .

Amit Tiwari has made a name for himself in Tollywood by starring in several films as a villain. Choosing a story like ‘Nallamala’ as his first attempt to become a hero was a plus for Amit. His role in the film had the opportunity to cultivate all kinds of emotions. With this, Amit played the role of Nallamala. Amit excelled, especially in the action scenes. Bhanu Shree is impressive in terms of glamor and dances. Bhanu Sri acting in some scenes, screen presence is good. Nazar‌ once again showed his experience as a scientist on screen. Ajay Ghosh, Kalakeya Prabhakar, Tanikella Bharani and the rest of the cast acted within the scope of their roles. And in terms of technology .. PR music is gone. ‘Emunnave .. Pilla’ song is a special attraction for the movie. Also enlivened some scenes with his own BGM. The cinematography is good. Cinematographer Venu Murali captured the beauty of the forest on his camera. The production values ​​are in line with the level of the film.

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