Khiladi Movie Review: How Khiladi Movie Is ..

Movie: Khiladi
Cast: Ravi Teja, Dimple Hayati, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Action King Arjun, Anasuya Bhardwaj, Murali Sharma, Vennela Kishore, Mukundan, Mukesh Rushi etc.
Music: Devisree Prasad‌
Cinematography: Sujith Vasudev, GK Vishnu
Directed by: Ramesh Verma
Producer: Koneru Satyanarayana
Release Date: 11.02.2022

Khiladi Movie Review: The buzz of new movies at the box office does not seem to be big due to the Corona Thirdwave. Pan‌ India, which is supposed to come for Sankranthi, has been able to accommodate the audience with small films as big films have been postponed. They also failed to impress the audience greatly. The big movie air started as the corona calmed down. Maharaja Ravi Teja has come forward to give a good ‘kick’ in the upcoming movie release dates. His latest film Khiladi, directed by Ramesh Verma, came out today (Friday) amid much anticipation.

Ravi Teja’s film is not particularly telling how that noise is. There is no shortage of action, mass and comedy. Over this time he had a romance with new heroines. Being a Ravi Teja film, the film was highly anticipated by the audience as it starred two young heroines. The songs, which have already come out, have created more hype on the trailer movie. Did the film, which was released today, meet the expectations of the audience? Is another victory in Ravi Teja’s account guaranteed? Come see the original Kathenti!


Ravi Teja’s character in ‘Khiladi’ is named Mohan Gandhi. Looks like an international criminal. However, Mehmood Gandhi (Ravi Teja) is serving a prison sentence for murdering his family. In this sequence he meets Pooja (Meenakshi Chaudhary). Pooja is the daughter of IG Jayaram (Sachin Khedkar) of Intelligence. Studies Criminal Psychology. Pooja meets Gandhi as part of a project called Theses to Learn Criminals’ Psychology. Finds out how he got to jail and what crime he committed. With this, Mohan Gandhi tells a story to Pooja and wants to get out of jail through her.

Pooja, hearing his story, is moved and wants to help him. With this the father forges the signature and he takes the risk to come out. Pooja realizes the shocking truth just as Gandhi is coming out. It is shocking to learn that Mohan Gandhi is an international criminal who came to India from Italy to extort Rs 10,000 crore from the Home Minister. And where is that money? Why did Ravi Teja want to hit it? The story revolves around how Ravi Teja plotted to snatch the money.

How did the movie go ..

Ravi Teja once again showed the Maharaja mark of Mass in this film. I can say that his energy and excessive intelligence give him a good kick. Ravi Teja Sheds Wow Looks Like Mohan Gandhi In It. What would it be like for a clever thief to target a robbery of Rs 10,000 crore, at the hands of a big politician? Ravi Teja’s acting, especially in the second part, can be said to be energy level. Meanwhile, the manner in which Ravi Teja is introduced as the culprit who killed his wife (Dimple Hayati), aunt (Anasuya), uncles is very interesting.

Meenakshi Chaudhary’s Ravi Teja’s story is thrilling. The story routine there seems to be a family drama. The real story will start when Ravi Teja comes out. The audience will be thrilled that Mohan Gandhi’s character will not come out till the break and will be revealed in the second part. Although the second part is full of action and thrilling, the story is predictable. In this order the whole story becomes routine. Rs. Attempts by the Moharram Gandhi team to hit Rs 10,000 crore are silly and comedic. The action scenes that come in the middle of nowhere are momentum. The climax of the film is a bit boring as the director stretches the film like this. However, Mass Maharaja Energy fans are impressed.

Who did it ..

In this movie, the heroines increased the dose of glamor and gave a dream to the audience. The character of Dimple Hayati is innocent and the second is intense. She fits both characters. The second half reveals why she was taken as the heroine in this movie. Another heroine Meenakshi Chaudhary has found a key character in the story. The two heroines competed to look glamorous. The characters of Anasuya, Vennela Kishore and Murali Sharma also go in two shades.

In the first part Murali Sharma laughs in the role of taking nature food. Meanwhile, CBI official Arjun Bhardwaj is probing the case. Mohan Gandhi, who is in jail, explains all this to Pooja. Did Mohan Gandhi really kill his wife. The rest of the story is about who committed the murder, who Ramakrishna (Unni Mukundan) was in the past, and how Rajasekhar and Mohan Gandhi got out of the multi-billion rupee money laundering case.


Ravi Teja acting

⇒MeenakshiChowdhury, Dimple Hayatila Glamor‌
⇒ Action‌ Sequence‌


⇒ Story (stretches to the imagination)

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