Induvadana Review In Telugu: How is the movie ‘Induvadana’ ..?

Title‌: Induvadana
Cast: Varun Sandesh, Farnaz Shetty, Raghubabu, Dhanraj, Ali, Naginidu, Surekhavani, Tagubothu Ramesh, Mahesh Vitta, Parvatisham etc.
Producers: Madhavi Adurthi
Directed by: M Srinivasa Raju (MSR)
Music: Shiva Kakani
Cinematography: Bee Muralikrishna
Release Date: January 1,2022

Films starring Varun Sandesh after ‘Happy Days’ and ‘New Golden World’ did not show the expected results at the box office. Palgoni once again stole the audience’s attention on the reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ when there was no chance for more movies. Although Varun Sandesh got craze with that show .. he did not make any big movies. Several days later, Varun made a re-entry to Tollywood in the movie ‘Indu Vadana’. This is the first period movie starring Varun Sandesh. The first look, which has already been released, has received a good response to the teaser and has raised expectations on the movie. After so many years, how much did the audience appreciate the movie ‘Indu Vadana’ starring Varun Sandesh? Let’s see in the review.

Kathentante ..?

Vasu (Varun Sandesh) from Agraharam village is a forest police officer. He falls in love at first sight with Indu (Farnaz‌ Shetty), a tribal girl in the forest. However, the Vasu family members refuse their marriage due to caste. Indu is killed for unforeseen reasons. Who actually killed it? What decision did Vasu make after learning that his beloved and married Indu was dead? How did Indu retaliate against those who killed him? That’s the rest of the story.

Who did it ..

Varun Sandesh has a lover boy image in Tollywood. All the love story films have come from him in the past. But Indu Vadana tried to be a bit different in the movie. Forest Officer Vasu made his latest appearance on screen in the role as well as in terms of acting. Even in the fight scenes he seemed to be okay. Farnaz Shetty played the role of Indu, a tribal girl. Although it was the first movie .. it acted wonderfully. On the one hand Varun was having a romance with Sandesh .. on the other hand the devil scared the audience. The chemistry between Varun and Farnaz is very good. Also as friends of Varun Sandesh Mahesh Vitta, Dhanraj and Parvatisham laughed with their comedy. Naginidu, Ali, Suresh Vani and the rest of the cast acted within the scope of their roles.

How is that …?

Horror comedy films have already hit a lot in Tollywood. Among them Premakatha Chitram, Tanu Vachchenanta, Utern films were successful. Induvadana is a film set against such a backdrop. Director MSR tried to make the screenplay interesting with love and thrilling elements. Although the chosen point for the director is old, the treatment is new. He added horror to the fine love story and screened the film. However, due to the lack of strength in the story, the level of the film decreased. ‘Indu Vadana’ would have been a good horror-thriller movie if it had focused more on the story. Vasu’s love story in Fastoff is impressive. The interval twist increases and the interest in the second half increases. The comedy scenes with the ghost in the second half, the Ali entry scene makes you laugh. The outcome of the film would have been different if the story of the second half had been written more strongly. And technically … Shiva Kakani’s music is good. The songs are endless .. but the background music is impressive. Murali Krishna cinematography is good. The wild beauties showed up nicely on screen. The editor had to work his scissors to the least. The production values ​​are in line with the level of the film.

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