Hero Movie Review: How is Maheshbabu’s nephew ‘Hero’ movie ..

Title‌: Hero
Cast: Ashok Galla, Nidhi Agarwal, Jagapathi Babu, Naresh, Wennela Kishore, Brahmaji, Satya etc.
Producer: Padmavati Galla
Directed by: Sriram Aditya T.
Music: Gibran‌
Editor: Praveen Pudi
Cinematography: Sameer Reddy, Richard Prasad

The entry of heirs into Tollywood has increased tremendously in recent times. Some of the heroes who are already recognized as star heroes in the industry are introducing their successors to the silver screen. Recently another hero from the superstar Krishna family has made an entry into Tollywood. Mahesh Babu’s nephew, Krishna’s grandson Galla Ashok’s debut film ‘Hero’. The movie was released on Saturday (January 15) as a wallpaper gift. Let’s see in the review how much the audience liked the ‘Hero’ movie.

What is the meaning of ‘hero’?

Arjun (Ashok) from a middle class family has been dreaming of becoming a hero since childhood. Will make efforts in that direction. In the same order, he falls in love with Subbu alias Subhadra (Nidhi Agarwal), a veterinarian who comes to the adjoining plot of the apartment where he is staying. As the love affair goes smoothly, a courier arrives for Arjun. It contains a gun. After that Arjun takes a life turn. Accidentally gets stuck in a crime case. Where did the gun come from? How did Arjun escape from the crime case? What is the relationship of the gun with Subbu’s father (Jagapathibabu)? How did Arjun fall in love with Subbu? Did Arjun’s wish to become a hero come true? That’s the rest of the story.

Who did it ..

This is Ashok Galla’s first film. But in that case it did not appear anywhere on the screen. Ashok played the role of Arjun. Comedy timing‌ is good. Along with the fight scenes, he also danced. Subbuga Nidhi Agarwal once again entertained the audience with her beauty on screen. Although her character is short .. as long as it does not seem to matter. Ashok, the chemistry of the treasures is impressive. Satya laughs with his own comedy as Harrow’s friend, rap singer. Jagapathi Babu plays the father of the heroine. Jagapathi Babu who made a very serious entry .. only laughed at the climax. Naresh impresses with his performance as the father of the hero. Ravikishan played the role of Salim Bhai, the main villain in the film. In the climax, Brahmaji is the hero of the movie but laughs out loud. Along with Kota Srinivasa Rao, the rest of the cast acted within the scope of their roles.

How is that ..?

Shriram Aditya, who made his mark as a director in the films Shamantakamani, Bhalemanchi Roju and Devdas, this time screened ‘Hero’ as a family entertainer. Succeeded in creating fun by combining Mumbai Mafia links to a comedy story. Although everything went fast as a routine, the director impressed the audience with his comedy without getting bored. Interval twist .. raises interest on the second half. But even there the story routine‌ stretches with comedy which is a bit of a minus for the movie‌. To the viewer who imagines Jagapathi Babu to be in the flashback O range .. it seems a bit embarrassing to show him as a comedy piece. However, the director tried to portray Jagapathibabu as part of cultivating comedy.

Brahmaji’s entry in the climax is gone. Comedy produced by Brahmaji as a movie hero .. Laughs. The screenplay is nice. Routine story .. showed a bit different with decent comedy. As for the technicians .. Gibran’s music is impressive. Superstar Krishna Zumbare’s song and rap song are impressive. The background music is also nice. Sameer Reddy and Richard Prasad’s cinematography is excellent. Production values ​​are a good highlight for this film. The film manages to entertain as well as inform, without compromising on cost. Overall some logic aside, ‘Hero’ entertains these wallpapers.

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