Anubhavinchu Raja Review: How is ‘Anubhavinchu Raja’ ..?

Title‌: Experience Raja
Cast: Raj Tarun, Kashish Khan, Posani Krishna Murali, Aadugalam Narain, Ajay, Sudarshine, Temper Vamsi, Ariana etc.
Production Company: Annapurna Studios Pvt. Ltd., Srivenkateswara Cinemas LLC
Producer: Supriya Yarlagadda
Directed by: Srinu Gavireddy
Music: Gopisunder
Cinematography: Nagesh Banel
Editing: Chhota K. Prasad
Release Date: November 26, 2021

Young hero Raj Tarun is working hard to be a solid hit. Raj Tarun, who had a super hit with his first film and had a special image of himself in Tollywood, failed to maintain that air after that. Although he has done more than a dozen films so far, only Uyyala Jumpal and Kumari 21F, which came at the beginning of his career, got hit talk. With this, he moved the audience with the movie ‘Anubhavinchu Raja’ with the intention of hitting it anyway this time. The film opens under the banner of Annapurna Studios, which has introduced itself to the industry. The posters that have already been released, along with the good response to the trailer, have created hype on the movie. Let’s see in the review how much the audience appreciated ‘Experience Raja’ which came out to the audience this Friday (November 26) which came amidst huge expectations.

‘Experience Raja’ is Kathentante

The ancestors of Bangaraju alias Raj (Raj Tarun) of Yandagandi in West Godavari district were millionaires. Despite having large assets, Raj has left his hometown and is working as a security guard in an IT company in Hyderabad. At the same time, a man gives a large supari to the mine gang to kill him. Who was the person who gave Supari to assassinate the original Raj? Why did Raj, the head of crores of assets, get a job as a security guard? What could be the reason for him to flee the village? That’s the rest of the story

Who did it …

Raj Tarun played the role of Bangarraju like Jalsarayudu. With his own comic timing, he tried to make everyone laugh. Raj Tarun, who appeared in two different roles as Bangarraju, who roams the city as Avara, and as a sincere security guard in the city, is impressed by the variation in each character. The heroine Kashish Khan acted well as long as her character was short. Adugalim Narain was elected as the village president and Posani as the head of the security guards. Sudarshan, who played the hero friend, laughed with his own punches. Ajay, Ariana, Ravi and the rest of the cast acted within the scope of their roles.

How is that ..?

Srinu Gavireddy, Raj Tarun combination has already got the movie ‘Seetamma Andalu Ramaya Sitralu’. But it didn’t impress much. This time, however, the director made another attempt with ‘Experience Raja’ in the comedy genre given to Raj Tarun. From the beginning, the producers have been saying that the film will be a hilarious laugh for two and a half hours. However, there are no cracked and funny scenes in the movie. The director ended up with scenes like Faustoff working as a security guard as a hero in Hyderabad and falling in love with the heroine there. He gave a twist before the interval and increased the curiosity about the secondoff. The second half is set in a rural setting. Although there is more scope for comedy .. routinely run the story. Even the presidential election scenes are not so impressive. Pulled with routine comedy scenes. However, the motive behind the assassination of the President’s family was revealed to the audience. The screenplay is nice. And technically … Gopisunder music is very good. The background music along with the songs is impressive. Nagesh Banel’s cinematography is good. The beauties of the village were nicely shown on screen. The production values ​​are in line with the level of the film. However, it is not an unexpectedly great film from Annapurna Studios.

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